We build miniatures, panorama, vehicles or sci-fi. We also build big sets that are in 1:1 scale. (Soon we have our 300sqft facility/studio ready for use.)

We can help you with Your production


We do all sorts of movie FX as long as it is a practical effect and happens "In camera". We do everything from gags, animatronics, blood FX, pyrotechnics FX, weapon FX, miniature FX and panoramas to building or manufacturing special PROPS like a Sci-fi ray gun, spacesuit, helmet, masks or if You just need some prototypes for Your production! We do almost everything.


With our long experience we master many professions, and are used to work with deadlines and small or big budgets. We have never missed a deadline yet!


In our shop we have a CNC machine that can help us to do things faster and better, we also have a large 3D printer that can help us to do prototypes or prints of your 3D files.


Dont hesitate to contact us with Your questions, we are looking forward to talk to You.


Planning ahead....


To be more efficient it is always better to contact us in the beginning of Your production, this will not only get you better FX and props, it will save You money!

When talking about MONEY, QUALITY and TIME....You can get all 3, but if 1 of them are "low" or "short" it will effect the other 2.


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